Triangulation Device (2012)

Triangulation Device is a GPS-enabled sound piece that generates atmospheric soundscapes through an imaginary mountain range. Presented at the Art Gallery of Mississauga as part of its “Genius Loci” exhibition and created in response to Lawren Harris’ South End of Maligne Lake, the piece consists of microprocessors, a collection of soundtracks, a GPS module and headphones. In surveying, triangulation is used to determine relative location by comparing two points on the horizon to the location of the body. As users move through different areas outside the gallery, their positions are transposed to a ‘point’ on the mountain range, over 3,500 km away. As you encounter different levels of ‘elevation’ the soundtracks change, creating an ambient soundscape that reflects the topography of the mountain range –shimmering as one approaches the summit. This project was produced through the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Triangulation Device | 2012 | Projects