Triangulation Device (2014-15)

Triangulation Device ( is an Android App that invites a pair of users to collaborate and generate improvised networked soundscapes. Using a simple, intuitive mobile application, the piece will transcode the distance between users into atmospheric soundscapes that unfold and change in response to movement. The piece may be used to create improvised choreographies in shared public spaces or to take a walk between cities, activating geographically separate locations. By leveraging mobile technologies to generate sound through gesture, the Triangulation Device empowers us to re-make place by un-silencing the social. By broadcasting sound through gestural interaction, the Triangulation Device disrupts social conventions by ‘giving voice to the body’ — facilitating connection, interaction and collaboration, reconnecting people through spontaneity, chance and serendipity, and reclaiming urban space as a place for meaningful interaction.

Triangulation Device was produced through the generous support of the Lois Claxton Humanities and Social Sciences Endowment Fund, University of Waterloo. Research Assistants: Jason Cho, Emily Haggith-Arthur, Richard Lesco, Ram Sharma, and Chris Vandevelde.

View the first iteration of the project, commissioned by the Art Gallery of Mississauga.
View the second iteration of the project, created as part of a residency at the City University of Hong Kong.

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