Give It Up

Give it Up is a live breakdance battle that takes place between two geographically separated spaces linked through a web stream. Developed as both a social and a choreographic experiment, the project explores telematics through an open model of participation. In the performance, dancers and a DJ were joined via a web stream and challenged to engage in one-on-one and two-on-two battles. Breakdance battles follow a call and response structure where dancers engage in a dialogue through gesture in order to engage, respond to or one-up their partners. The performance was inspired by the (then new) ability to comment on YouTube, which the artist noticed while viewing online breakdance battles. While some people responded to battle footage with comments, dancers often ‘commented’ with videos of their own – the battle had become virtual. By splitting the battle between two locations, physical interaction becomes augmented through the opportunities and limitations of the web streams.

Give it Up was performed between two locations in Buffalo as part of “collisions collusions” at Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, New York (video below by Zu Pon (Trey) Loe) and between Toronto and Buffalo as part of “Give it Up” at p|m Gallery in Toronto.

Thanks to:  Shane Depree  (bboy depree) , Solomon, T.J., Ryan McNerney,
J.R. Noble (DJ Simple) and bboy Afternoon and the Toronto crew.

Want to see what happens when you don’t have a web stream?
 Battle @ Buffalo happens every month at the Verve.

Give It Up | 2007 | Projects