Citizenband was an ensemble performance presented as part of the Deep Wireless Festival and New Adventures in Sound Art. The performance reimagined Citizens Band radio (a public frequency for short-distance radio communication between individuals) as ubiquitous frequencies that permeate citizens within urban environments. Following a score of four central actions (prepare, test the system, test the environment, test the citizens), radio waves, microwaves, satellites, and cell phone signals within the theatre were sensed, intercepted, and rebroadcast through signal processing with shortwave radios and Max MSP, handmade electronics and performative improvisation. The performance began with a safety demonstration, resulting in all 125 members of the audience assembling and wearing tin foil pirate hats. The piece was performed by the 2009 Deep Wireless Festival Ensemble: the artist, Fran├žois Girourd, Brandon LaBelle, and Lisa Pijuan Nomura.

Citizenband | 2009 | Projects